What is Likely Missing From Your Security Awareness Training Program?

Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training programs are one of the most important tools an organization has to prevent security incidents. With 66% of all data breaches being caused by human error, it is imperative that your organizations security awareness program is effective.

In this article we cover:


The Trouble with most Security Awareness programs

The trouble is that a large percentage of security awareness programs are not effective. Some specific problems that business leaders and front-line staff all over the world see in their security awareness training programs:

  • “It’s too long and boring.”
  • “There’s no variety. We keep reading the same stuff and expect a different result.”
  • “Our once-a-year ritual in a check-the-box exercise for compliance.”
  • “Too static. Our staff call it Death-by-Powerpoint or even worse things.”
  • “I just iconize the videos and do my email.”
  • “I opened all the videos at once and went to lunch.”
  • “I never learn anything. Not relevant for what I do.”
  • “Many staff try to get out of it somehow because it’s a waste of our time.”

The list of complaints goes on, and on, and on….


Security Awareness for Remote Workers

In our current global situation with the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have mandated telework (working from home) which makes the inadequate security awareness situation even more critical. Rapid changes are occurring to the people, processes and technology that enable business, and oftentimes, limited security guidance is provided. This approach is penny wise and pound foolish, since data breaches and/or other security incidents will likely result.  Our recent white paper on securely transitioning to remote workforce provides a checklist on how to protect your employees. 

Typical Security Team Approach on Securing Employees

Meanwhile, many security teams try and stuff as much detailed technology content as possible into their awareness programs – not realizing that quality is much more important than quantity when it comes to security awareness training. These flawed programs will not change behaviors or enhance the security culture. In fact, some programs even cause animosity towards security staff and treat security awareness training as a punishment, rather than equipping staff to be security ambassadors.   

But what if you could actually offer engaging, interactive security awareness training that was helpful, informative and even fun for staff – while still ensuring compliance with laws, policies and standards?

What if you actually had the majority of staff say “thank you,” after taking the lessons?

What if your employees saw the benefits to their personal and professional lives, and even gained insights for their families and 7x24x365 lifestyles in areas ranging from phishing to social media to global travel? 


The Security Mentor Experience

We hear similar stories from  Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and technology leaders around the world.  Many have either a home grown “death-by powerpoint” awareness approach that is not only boring, but yields audit findings. Others have static content or videos that are shown year after year, and staff just iconize the videos and do email while they (hopefully) listen. 

The answer for many is to switch to Security Mentor’s award-winning security awareness training. Numerous public and private sector organizations have made the switch and are very glad they did.  

Why? Because Security Mentor training utilizes the best practices based on current eLearning research. Our interactive lessons teach real skills, and are engaging, informative and even fun. Another big difference is our “brief, frequent and focused” pioneering training model where lessons are delivered monthly in short bites of information that is easily remembered, and fits into employees’ busy schedules.   

But the best is yet to come.

After security and technology leaders roll-out the training to their organizations, they are pleasantly surprised by the overwhelmingly positive feedback. Delighted customers get feedback from staff who love the training – and then openly tell thier CIOs and CISOs about their experience. In fact, our training improves the relationship between the security team and business areas because of the success of the security training program.

To some, hearing “thank you” may seem far-fetched, but these are just a few of the many ways that Security Mentor’s training programs rises above rest of the security awareness training market.


Closing Thoughts

Security Mentor offers much more than great training, including Phishing Simulation and policy tracking and management services. Our website highlights many great case studies in different public and private settings.

Management teams around the world see how Security Mentor creates a positive security culture that reduces risk by enabling employees to become the strongest line of defense. 

With this unprecedented time where many staff are being asked to work from home or at a remote location, can you really afford to not provide security awareness training that is brief, frequent and focused on what really works in this new world? See for yourself by getting a live demo. 

As a well-known auto repair commercial says, “You can pay me now, or pay me later.”        

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