Security Awareness Training Statistics & Trends: 2020–2021 Edition Announcement

Security Awareness Statistics

Looking for the latest cybersecurity statistics and trends related to the human element? We are pleased to announce that our new "Cybersecurity & Security Awareness Training Trends & Statistics: 20202021" resource is now live.

Follow the links below for a curated collection of the latest statistics and reports in one place. For ease of use, this guide is divided into three sections:

  1. General Cybersecurity Statistics & Trends
  2. Security Awareness Statistics & Trends
  3. Statistics & Trends by Industry Vertical

Seeing information presented together is shocking and revealing, especially the variety and extent of cyber attacks and cyber risks. Clearly revealed are the vulnerabilities related to employees, and why it is not surprising there are so many cybersecurity incidents related to employee actions.

Used together, this information can: 1) provide insight into overall cyber risks and those related to the human-side, 2) identify areas that need to be addressed in security awareness training, and 3) provide a solid foundation for developing budget requests for security awareness programs.

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