Coronavirus Actions and Risks for Tech and Security Leaders


How are state and local governments responding to COVID-19?

Find out with Security Mentor's Dan Lohrmann, Chief Security Officer & Chief Strategist, as he joined Scott Larsen, CISO at Inova Health System, and Earl Duby, CISO at Lear Corporation, to discuss what private companies are doing now to respond to the Coronavirus.

About this webinar

How are state and local governments responding to COVID-19? What are private sector companies doing now? From public health actions to directives for staff, what emergency response steps and risks should be considered?

View this webinar for the latest coronavirus playbook roundup and recommendations on how to address the outbreak. Learn the scope of the unprecedented challenges organizations are currently facing. Hear from industry leaders on how they are addressing the COVID-19 outbreak.

Topics include:
- Policy, technology and process steps to take today to protect your workforce and organization.
- How are orgs dealing with more staff working from home (telework)?
- What mistakes can be avoided –and how?

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