Announcing "Security Awareness Training: The Definitive Guide"

Security Awareness Training Guide

We are very excited to announce "Security Awareness Training: The Definitive Guide" – the one-stop guide for security awareness training for information security professionals.

Why a new guide? Security awareness training is the single best security protection that organizations can have – if it is done right. Since 2008, Security Mentor has been a pioneer in the security awareness training industry. Our mission and passion is to help organizations transform their employees into being cyber secure by providing engaging, effective training that drives real behavior change. We want to share our expertise with you, so that you can keep your organization, your family, and yourself cyber secure in the increasingly perilous digital world.

How can we help you? As a seasoned security professional, no doubt you are already familiar with security awareness training, but you might have some questions or needs, such as where to find a specific compliance regulation requiring security awareness training. Or as the new leader of the security awareness team, you are looking for tips on how best to implement and run your security awareness program. Or as a CISO, you are evaluating security awareness training vendors and you want to be sure you have a comprehensive list of questions to ask so that you make the best decision for your organization. Whatever your security awareness training need, you've come to the right place. Our goal is to provide a central location for robust, comprehensive information about security awareness training.

To give you a taste of what you will find, here are topics we cover in "Security Awareness Training: The Definitive Guide:"

  • What Is Security Awareness Training?
  • A Brief History of Security Awareness Training
  • Who Needs Security Awareness Training?
  • How Is Security Awareness Training Different from a Security Awareness Program?
  • How Is Security Awareness Training Delivered?
  • What Are Common Security Awareness Training Pitfalls?
  • How Can You Make Your Security Awareness Training Effective?
  • What Topics Should Security Awareness Training Cover?
  • Should Security Awareness Training Be Mandatory?
  • Is Phishing Training Enough?
  • How Should You Evaluate Security Awareness Training Vendors?
  • Why Is Security Awareness Training More Critical Now Than Ever Before?

Security Awareness Training: The Definitive Guide


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